The page will display you 1st year result 2023 only. The simple website created for students so they can check their result on time. Date and timing displayed here expected only.

Result Announced Kindly Check In Below Given Links

There are lots of websites in market may be claim to get you result before its declaration date and time. Let us clear to you we did not endorse any kind of website for claim such. Indeed, we cannot provide the result before the actual date and timing.

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1st Year Result 2023 Lahore Board

When the result of 1st Year Result 2023 is coming?

The 1st Year Result 2023 is going to announce on 10th October 2023 At 10:00 AM

1st Year Result 2023 Rawalpindi Board

You are welcome to the authenticated page to check your First Year result 2023. It is honour for us to get your result as soon as official announced. Till then you have to wait. For example, If you had appeared in 1st Year Exams from Lahore Board then the below given information reflects you.

1st Year Result 2023 Gujranwala Board

1st Year Result 2023

Name of BoardBoard of Intermediate And Secondary Education BISE
Exam Type1st Year
Exam Result Release Date10th October 2023
10:00 AM
1st year Exam DatesJune
Exam Session2023
Article CategoryExam Results
StatusAvailable Soon
Board 1st Year Result

Students question during the result announcement days. Many other questions are asked from society.

  • When your Result will Announce?
  • What is your expectations?
  • Will you finish with More than 450 Marks?
  • Will you Join Medical field after successful in Pre medical first year exams?

1st Year Result 2023

These are common meeting questions. Please mention in comment your question. Every student has its own mental approach.

1st Year Result 2023 Sargodha Board

For example, student with engineering sharpness decides to be an engineer after successful pre engineering 1st year. But, those who are not passionate about engineering but victims of forced career choice become dump at this stage. They are welcome to the pakistani society. Many among our readers today may feel the same as we mentioned it here.
There are two ways here:

  • One you become an engineer after merit based marks
  • The second you quit the field and go to some others but after 12th Class Exams

The approach of student becomes clean and clear in both stages. In the first way Student of Lahore Board 1st Year will transfer into society resource after joining engineering.

1st Year Result 2023 Sahiwal Board

In the second way, Society will get an extra talent, it could be in the shape of labour, business man, Freelancer, Online Marketer, SEO expert and many ordinary worker Jobs in Pakistan specifically in Government and Private Sector.

1st Year Result 2023

Therefore, Students should maintain their approach as consistent as they can to get the high moral jobs in Pakistan. At the level of first year when result 2023 still not announce, it is hard to believe what we are saying but these are long run advises.

1st Year Result 2023 Faisalabad Board

Every step shall be taken to get your result. There is no delay by the board authorities while announcing result. The only delayed process is to get the detailed percentage with respect to the chances.

1st Year Result 2023 Bahawalpur Board

The appearance in exams is one thing and getting good marks is another. Every one who is reading the page means feeling curious about the upcoming result. He should develop the mental approach till the October month of 2023. Student will get result only when officially announced by all board authorities.

Choices After 1st Year?

There are numerous choices after 1st year. For example, if you was enrolled in first year pre-medical but failed to secure a medical seat in Pakistan, then you can move towards other options. It is need of the time to not waste the time and concentrate upon after fail approach. The unique term just used by the portal for the sake of those student who shall fail.

1st Year Result 2023 Multan Board

It is necessary to skip a field if you loose your 1st yearest in specific field. There should be no shy like thing if you did not work with the medical. There are many other fields with the good scope here in Pakistan as well as abroad. For example, I.com or D.Com is the pure field of accounting, finance and commerce like major. You are fail in upcoming 1st year results and now thinking to switch the field. There is no need to continue with field. You have to choose other one because may be management sciences never suits you as your career in future. But if you succeed with good marks then here you go.

1st Year Result 2023 DG Khan Board

Best Career options after ICOM (1st year in Commerce)

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Business Administration BBA
  • BS Business Economics
  • BS Insurance & Risk Management
  • BS Public Administration
  • BS Islamic Banking
  • BS Economics & Management
  • BS Entrepreneurship
  • BS 1st yearnational Business & Trade
  • BS Applied Management
  • BS Islamic Business & Economics
  • BS Leadership & Management Studies
  • BS Quality Management
  • BS Sales & Marketing
  • BS Tourism Management
  • BS Accounting
  • BS Applied Accounting
  • BS Banking & Finance
  • BS Business Accounting & Finance
  • Bachelor of Commerce BCOM
  • BS Economics & Finance
  • BS Finance & Investment

So, you just need to focus upon your upcoming 1st Year Result 2023 only to judge which field is best for you. You just have to curious about the ways of management you use while making your decision. It is need of the time to stay in touch with the books, scholars, youtube videos for the good steps and take it as your career orientation. The purpose of the page is same as well. You just need to focus upon the marks and get the field accordingly.

What To Do After 1st Year Pre Medical?

The endeavors to keep the calling near being a Doctor remain a battle for the understudies. They scan for the rundown of paramedical courses after twelfth. It is significant that they keep their choices open. It is a brilliant advantage of 1st Year Pre Medical that you can seek after numerous different vocations and many real callings can be joined at numerous lofty organizations. What makes a difference is that they address their heart and investigate inside what their genuine possibilities are and attempt to set out on the streets that can really take them to the goal where they can use their abilities without limit. At this stage it is significant that understudies are not made feel forced or debilitated in the event that they don’t wind up as future Doctors.


GENERAL SCIENCE896355828100132825541
District Wise Total55722640145438839853355102932
GENERAL SCIENCE9083411015844010201457984514973
District Wise Total54139283443855514577898218321312425795
GENERAL SCIENCE21148622990235333165101252
District Wise Total139907217991156021181937592196773
GENERAL SCIENCE269210812912328043021181611
District Wise Total150797032974135519442041691278047
GENERAL SCIENCE147856408224681163523521442748377

Understudies should set aside some effort to investigate various choices and check various projects accessible to study fields after 1st Year Pre Medical. Fields like Bachelors in Biology, Microbiology, Bio-sciences and so on alongside different courses in science after twelfth aside from mbbs are open for these understudies to turn into the best logical analysts.

GUJRANWALA BOARD 2018 Statistics

Part 1
a.Total Number of Candidates Applied For Admission For Intermediate (Annual) Examination, 2018 Including Absentees)144156
b.No. of Candidates Actually Appeared In The Examination140350
c.No. Of Successful Candidates64268
d.Overall Pass percentage45.79

Other than these fields, there are a lot more expressions based projects that support 1st Year Pre Med understudies to join. All in all, the entryway for 1st Year understudies doesn’t close at Medical Colleges. There are a wide range of streets and unlimited potential outcomes hanging tight for them to be pursued, simply look! search! find what is intended for you! Clinical Psychology and Applied Psychology both stay accessible to these understudies for them to utilize their 1st year enthusiasm to be Doctor and help mental patients or those with mental issues.

Every possible action should take when debate about the student opportunity. Student is the asset of the community. They can transform from cultural expense to cultural resource. They knew what is possible to remain intact. with the study approach. Every one who is going ahead with the studies is going to make things certain with the exams career after 1st Year Result as well. You should be well informed about the way out that is possible to take things foregranted after 1st year results.

Those ideas are being accomplished as per the decided terms and conditions and makes the availability as per the justified way. Every student is going to consider about the practical approach in best way out and developed the things like a way that is possible to review indeed. every student of this sector will think at least once that what he can do after 1st Year. It is common question as per the need assessment. You will make things certain about the future when you got goods marks in 1st Year Results. The approach is possible so as things are.

Every activity is possible to make things relevant as perfect as it should be with the focused aspect to review the result and their approach. You will knew things are certain after the FA part 1 result 2023. It is possible for students to review their decision.

Causes To Review Decision After 1st Year Result 2023

The only possible thing is relevant to review as per the judgmental way. The approach is nice and justified as per the schedule maintenance. The systemic thing is possible. every student who wants to enjoy the position holding aspect may be consider as per the allowed terms and conditions. The only purpose of the result orientation is to make things as relevant as it should be. You are focused as per the justified way out to review under the regular approach.

It is possible to stay in touch about the ultimate approach that how every decision is linked with the 1st Year part 1 result 2023 through different boards. Those who are well informed about the career after the result will stay firm because they knew result of 1st year is just the one step indeed. you are well informed that how every element is possible to maintain.

The possibility is going to review as per the justified way out. You are going to matter here about the immediate ideal approach after the result 1st year. It is neglected information after the result oriented format. You are informed about the possibility where students are gathered as the resource for society rather than expense of the society. It is possible format for the students wise approach. You are allowed as per the justified way out.

There are two possibilities the first one is fail and the second one is passed. You are welcome to the page where you can see the possibilities in the close manner. You are advised to stay in touch with the result page so you can judge how things are going to change.

The immediate idea is to make things certain and easy for students to review the analysis as best as possible. The approach is going to measure the result outcome. The result oriented page is doing well as per the association. The possible manner is going to make things as relevant as it should be. You are allowed in every way to stay in touch as per the factorization.

The possibility is to make things as relevant as it is going to make. The immediate idea of the result so that students are well informed how to check result as per the nice way out. Now we going to discuss

1st Year position Holders 2023 of all boards

The possibility of student secure position in any board result is minimum and only related to those who have done something extra ordinary indeed. you will get the idea about your positions here at this website because we are going to share you the same approach.

As per the justified way out we are going to explain about the perfection level through the defined way out. You are required to maintain the excellent response by the board as per the defined rules and their approaches. The position wise approach is perfect in every way because it is best to retain the idea way out as best as possible.

Board is changing its polcy related to announcement of result. First news was october but in the first week. Then the news was coming to be announce in the middle of october. Finally 29th october is the last and final date for the announcement of all punjab board 1st year result 2023. Finally it is good news for 1st Year Result 2023 finders. The result may include the ics result as well. The second most common education streamline is i.com and now it is good news that i.com result shall also declare on the same date. The natural thing comes out when we analyzed comment section of board official facebook page.

The purpose of this page is only to announce the result as well as the result announcement should be legal and justified way. The result announcement is the way that is happens every year. The year by year approach is good one because 1st year students are eager to wait for their result so they can buy new books.
There are several redirects to check result. Many result oriented websites uses these technique so they can provide result as early as possible. Everyone focuses on brand creation so they can judge either website source is genuine or not. The originality of website depends upon the official announcement. Every website reader thinks same. We would like to endorse again about the 1st year result 2023. This result website focuses on result event. Like, if you did not find the result after or before the result date, then no need to worry. We are vigilant enough to provide the result in detail.

Every board generally in punjab has its own criterion to show position holders after first year result. The one board may dispaly pictures of position holder the other may not. It is their own research to get that data from their students. So, if we display position holders here at this website means we are following the same guidline to show position holders as board has adopted. No one has right to question about board’ work. The process is so smooth the one student who will check through our website can check other student result.

Check Your Friends 1st Year Result As well

Simply, he has to check result by repeating the same process. If you know the roll number then you just have to put that instead yours. Remember there is no comparison happened between you and your friends marks. Normally students are searching for comparison chart. Everyone is going to check their own result or may be other can check. One result at one time happened at screen.

Today 16th Nov 2023 and still students are waiting for result. Every student better knew all boards shall announce the position holders this day. The next day is result day means everyone is waiting for position holders.

Today 10th October 2023 and everybody knew thats its D Day means 1st year result 2023 is going to announce at 10 AM. All punjab boards at their official twitter and facebook handles announce about this. Every student comment on lahore board 1st year result 2023 announcement post published about 18 hours ago from now.

Its ammense pleasure for us to be market leader who will give you 1st year result as early as possible as lahore board announced 1st year result 2023. Every one pretty much sure about the announcement of result.