BISEP Peshawar Board 1st Year Result 2022 Date By Gazette

You are welcome to the page that is going to dispaly 1st year result 2022 BISEP Peshawar Board. It is good as well as bad news for those who were prepared accordingly. In this time of covid, most the students having an excuse. But innocence is not an excuse. Everyone should prepared about the situation around and struggle to achieve as much as we can. Although we have least number of education session with our teacher now a day but readers are leaders we should read. This is insurmental point everyone should care about. Now the next point is to explain date of BISEP Peshawar Board 1st Year Result 2022.

On facebook official page of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Peshawar the handler has announced on 25 Oct 2022 At 8:33 PM  that

Results of Class 9th & 11th are expected to be announced in the coming 4 or 5 days. Kindly avoid rumors.

Now its became tradition of all pakistan boards generally and specifically punjab and KPK are announcing the same results on same day. For example, last 12th class result 2022 was announced on 16 oct 2022 on 5 PM in punjab and KPK has announces on the same date. So again KPK boards are going to announce the result on same day most probably as punjab boards has announced the 29th october date.

BISEP Peshawar Board 1st Year Result 2022 Date By Gazette

The next thing to remember, it is not tradition or trend to announces result of two provinces at the same date and time. May be it is just because of complex time management system indeed. The most important thing is to declare the result because students are waiting for it. No matter delayed or not. But it is again the login for those who have least interest in BISEP Peshawar Board 1st Year Result.


Why Students Want Early Result ?

Students wants early result because they are keen towards their future. They have deep eye on the future books and career approach. They are enlighted to get success through streamlined channel after result for next step towards higher education.

Students responded the official statement in professional manner. First favorite comment “best of luck for students” khalil ahmed. Anees ur rahman is the second person who respond status by saying ” i think you should declare date for BISEP Peshawar Board 1st Year Result. He explained that every web portal specifically design for 1st year result claimed new date. Therefore, they are confused about the exact date. It is better to declare the final date. The positive vibes came when wajahat hussain made an extra ordinary comment and students respond to him with 47 heart signs. The comment was

“May Allah give 100 percent marks to all students especially to those students who are in trouble🤲and  best wishes to all ❣️

we can say comment of the night as well. After that, funny memes takes its place in the comment section and post gone viral in next 30 minutes. many negative commentswere there as well. Students were saying you guys are irresponsible because you never mentioned BISEP 1st year result 2022 date any where. Now we need your comment on this matter. Kind share our page to the students and parents who wants to know when result shall declare.